The Quest: Pizza Two

Rose Levy Berenbaum's Crust

Rose Levy Berenbaum

Well, tonight we had Rose Levy Berenbaum’s crust.  Berenbaum has authored The Bread Bible from which the recipe is taken.  She has a couple of “Bibles” involving the art of baked goods.  Her recipes are unique in being really damn hard to make sometimes.  You’ve got to love this bread you are baking.

But it is worth it.  Her pizza crust is amazing, thumbs up from both myself and Sam.  After dining on this I am not sure if I can eat another pizza anywhere ever.  It was crispy, yet soft and chewy.  Kind of like a soft pretzel, only not that hard on the outside.

This was also the first chance I got to use my pizza peel which was pretty awesome.  Also the pizza stone, which really helps crisp up that crust.  Wicks away moisture.

Rose uses all-purpose flour and advises a long cool rise.  This allows the yeast to impart some flavor to the dough.  The longer, the better as far as rising is concerned.  It’s more of a ripening than a rise.  After you shape it, you let it rise once again.  Then, cook it!

This is similar to the Better Homes recipe in that you par-bake the crust prior to applying the toppings.  I don’t know what difference it would make.  But I followed the recipe.  I have decided to switch up the toppings after all.  Tonight we had ham and pinapple which was great.

Only crust 2 and it could be the winner.  Next week I am thinking the cookbook or beer crust.

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Why not?

Some folks will be asking me why I chose the name “Cooking Without Onions,” especially since I will probably use onions at some point in the future.  Because I don’t really care for them is the answer.

Onions are a crutch in the culinary kingdom.  It has been my experience that a lot of pro cooks and culinary students smoke.  A lot.  I have yet to meet one who doesn’t.  Smoking pretty much destroys your sense of taste – so the only way these folks can taste anything is with the power of onions.

Anyway.  I like to keep things light and off the cuff here at CWO, so stick with me as I write about whatever I want to in the food kingdom.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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The Quest: Pizza One

Well, tonight I began the quest.  The Quest for the perfect pizza crust – which will ultimately result in the perfect pizza.  Tonights crust choices were a two-fer.  Out of a box and out of a tube.

The box was a disaster.  It requested I par-bake before toppings and despite some spray and cornmeal, it stuck so incredibly to the pan that I destroyed it and cracked a tube open.

The tubed crust, from the biscuit section of the store, was surprisingly good.  It requested I put it in a baking pan, which I did.  The result was a somewhat soggy crust that still was well-baked.  Sam really liked it.  She described it as croissant like.  It was obviously the easiest of crusts I will be checking out.

If you’re just making pizza for fun it is certainly okay.  It is by no means the best crust I have ever had, but it was passable.  I doubt the pizza snobs out east would dig it, but it gets the job done.  My complaint is the amount.  It is designed to be used in a half-sheet pan type thing which makes it had to slide onto a baking stone.  That could have resulted in a less soggy crust.

Thus far, control is done.  Next week I will probably be utilizing my Better Homes and Gardens recipe and see how that rolls.

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