The Quest: Pizza One

Well, tonight I began the quest.  The Quest for the perfect pizza crust – which will ultimately result in the perfect pizza.  Tonights crust choices were a two-fer.  Out of a box and out of a tube.

The box was a disaster.  It requested I par-bake before toppings and despite some spray and cornmeal, it stuck so incredibly to the pan that I destroyed it and cracked a tube open.

The tubed crust, from the biscuit section of the store, was surprisingly good.  It requested I put it in a baking pan, which I did.  The result was a somewhat soggy crust that still was well-baked.  Sam really liked it.  She described it as croissant like.  It was obviously the easiest of crusts I will be checking out.

If you’re just making pizza for fun it is certainly okay.  It is by no means the best crust I have ever had, but it was passable.  I doubt the pizza snobs out east would dig it, but it gets the job done.  My complaint is the amount.  It is designed to be used in a half-sheet pan type thing which makes it had to slide onto a baking stone.  That could have resulted in a less soggy crust.

Thus far, control is done.  Next week I will probably be utilizing my Better Homes and Gardens recipe and see how that rolls.

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