The Quest: Pizza Three

This time from Better Homes and Gardens.  (BHG)

What can be said except, bah.  This crust was nowhere near as good as Berenbaum’s (RLB), and I almost like the canned stuff better.  It was too hard – like eating a rock.  A hallmark of great crust is that the “handle” crust gets eaten.  No dice here.  Even I didn’t want the handles.

The differences between this and the previous pizza dough are fairly apparent.  BHG’s has no prolonged rest time and no rise time.  Instead, the crust is to go straight from formation to a hot oven.  The cook time is 20 minutes, while RLB’s is only ten.  If that.

They both use AP flour – which is quite different from most hardcore dough recipes I’ve found.  I will be using a recipe which calls for bread flour next week to see what the difference is.

This recipe has yeast in it, but I can’t imagine why.  There is little to no time for it to rise.  Unless it is added as a flavor agent, which is useless since there’s no time for it to mellow.

BHG has let me down pizza-wise.

Now, I am looking at my recipes and thinking the crust quest will be over by the end of the Month.  I have Alton Brown’s to still try as well as a beer crust recipe.  I am thinking the ultimate crust to be amalgamation of AB’s, the beer, and RLB’s.  We shall see what happens.  And then we will move on to sauce.

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