Latest Pizza

This is the latest pizza.  Look at that crust!  It’s absolutely awesome.  The only problem with this one is the toppings amount.  More than two and it has a harder time heating up well.  Sam always wants toppings, though.  Which I don’t mind because it’s delicious.

I really need to get out of the bottle as far as sauce is concerned.  The bottled stuff is okay – but I know it can be better.

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The Quest: Interim

I made pizza today to make up for the disappointment of Friday’s flour-full dough.  Instead of making a wholly new dough, I used Berenbaum’s with tweaks.  Since one pizza was not enough for Sam and I, I made two.  One using bread flour instead of AP, the other using beer instead of water.  The problem:  I forgot which was which.

Both crusts turned out fantastic, however.  Though, neither really stuck with me as well that first crust we had.  These doughs were given zero time to ferment slowly in the fridge.  That’s a big difference.  Great pizza (which we already knew) takes a long, long time.

Now, the big difference (and I wish I could remember which was which) was that one of the doughs was very slack and loose.  I think this was the beer.  It flowed very well.

The best thing about Berenbaum’s crusts – something I think I will apply to all – is that she adds no oil during mixing.  Instead, she adds extra oil to the rising vessel and pours that on a pizza pan.  The crust can then be formed on the pan and won’t stick.  Par-baking the crust gives you a firm surface for toppings.  The crust can then be put right on the stone easy as pizza pie.

So, we are doing quite well.   The Quest may take a decidedly different turn, however.  The only crust I really want to try is Alton Brown’s.  I think it will be pretty good.  We’ll have to see.  But the crust is about hammered out – we have what we want here.  I just need to simplify it somewhat for ease.

There is also this page which I found.  This guy has already had quite a quest of his own.  I think I may start questing elsewhere.  What he does recommend is the classic high protein bread flour most of the pros seem to use.  However, I really think I enjoyed the AP flour used by RLB.  I’m not naive enough to try cake flour or anything, but I have reached a personal opinion that high protein is no where near as crucial as some would lead us to believe.

Pictures of the pizzas to come later.

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