The Quest: Pizza IV

Well, we used Alton Brown’s crust this week.  It is available on the Food Network website.  It uses bread flour instead of AP and recommends a long cool time in the fridge to mellow out that yeast flavor.  We like RLB’s better.  I think AB’s would have done better had I given it some time to rise after forming, but we were hungry.  So I might retry it later on.

Right now, I will probably roll with Rose’s crust for a while.  There are several factors I still want to check out – adding beer, using bread flour – before I am satisfied.  Experimentation!

The best thing I did, however, was make my own sauce this time.  And it was terrific.  I made two pizzas.  One was just sauce and cheese and the other was Hawaiian with store bought.  The differences were obvious, no surprise there.

I am also developing better and better peel technique.  I still prefer RLB’s method of oiling a pizza pan, since it is a lot easier.  But mastering the peel is definitely something I want to do.

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