I made my turkey and wild rice soup today and it is delicious. The stock turned out amazingly well, all gelatinous and thick after it’s night in the fridge. I regret not saving the fat, but I have little time to utilize it before rancidity ensues. I suppose I could have frozen it, but I didn’t even think about that until much later.

I was reading through the BHG recipe and it calls for making a mirepoix (carrots, onion, celery) prior to adding the broth/stock.

Wait, what?

The mirepoix concept is crazy to me for a few reasons. The main one being that I utilize carrots, celery, and onion when I make the broth. Those flavors are already present in the broth – why do I need to make them appear again? Another thing I fail to see reason behind is the sweating prior to broth addition. If the boiling and simmering doesn’t release the flavors and soften the vegetables, I can sort of grasp it. But it totally would.

I stuck with carrots only because I enjoy the added color and I don’t like celery or onion bits in my soup. Guess what? It tasted amazing anyway. I generally will add a little dried minced onion and maybe some chopped celery leaf to a soup, but I didn’t this time.

So, I will continue venturing into onion-less territory. Yes, I use it in stock and broth, but it gets strained out before use. And that’s how I roll.

And I know it’s good when I could eat the whole pot of stock without making soup first. Delightful.

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