Last night I made my first attempt at Risotto, that classic rice dish with the creamy creaminess. It was delightful. And – no onions!

Guess what? Everyone loved it anyway. The main flavor of the dish really comes from the broth/stock. Which has onion flavor because you use it to make it. There was a lot of parmesean as well stirred in.

Risotto is extremely simple. It just takes a bit of time. I really think the rice does most of the work for you and you just have to watch it to see when it soaks up the moisture. I think I could have gotten more broth into it, but I had to defrost it since I’d used up all the recipe called for.

The only downside is that I had no mushrooms. I think the juxtaposed textures would have really played a great role in this dish. Plus, mushrooms are delicious.

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